Monday, December 30, 2013

cacti environment

digital painting I made for my dad

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Fortune Cookie

My pride and senior thesis film.

Dying to Live

My collaboration film with my good buddy Melissa Morris. This was a final project for us. I did the background buildings designs and some environmental designs as well as the hand drawn parts. Melissa did the background set ups in Maya, the camera moves in Maya and the stop motion animation!

demo reel

my most updated demo reel

Weight Study

A hand drawn animation study on weight! I think I did pretty well on this!

Pop Up Book

Oh, I despised this when I first made it! The assignment was to make a pop up book in after effects. Obviously, it was a huuuuuge learning curve for me! But man, I learned a lot about after effects from this project! I was very ashamed of it when I did it, now I am just happy I really did learn what I was supposed to learn from it! 

Riceball study

One of the first animations I made at KCAI. The assignment was to make an animation displaying that we understood variation. Meaning that every piece has its own pace of movement and such.