Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catching Up

Hey everyone!
I wanted to go ahead and make this first post a post of artwork I did that is not related to the work I have completed at the Kansas City Art Institute. So...these are either all of my own projects or projects I did at my old school, Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri.

Please enjoy!

"Yu Yu's Dream" a little watercolor for a self directed project.

"Welcome to China Town" a pencil drawing I did of my two good friends when we went to Chicago.

"Sushi the Pug" A clay figure I made for one of my claymations.

"The Story of My Life" Pencil drawing I did for "Art Principles" class. We had to make an abstract picture that represented our past, present and future.

"Still Life" Completed for my "Art Principles" class.

"Starbucks Crowd" Just a study I did for myself.

"Self Portrait Print" Done for my Illustration class. We were just practicing the technique.

"The New Yorker Cover" Made for my Illustration class

"Neil Reading" Done in Life Drawing

"Neil in a Chair" done in Life Drawing.

"Metamorphosis" Done for Illustration class, made with colored pencil

"Lily the Pug" Study I did for myself.

"Kids Gone Wild" Completed for Illustration class.

"The Emptiness of Youth" Done in high school....a looooong time ago

"Cinderella's Dream" Collage done for Illustration

"Cereal Box Design" Done for Graphic Design

"Ben" a drawing I did of my brother

"View of the City" self directed project, a couple of my characters

"My Mechanic" one of my characters

"Night Time" study of one of my characters

"Hobo" a drawing I did of a homeless guy that lives in the city

"Greta Sue" one of my oldest and favorite characters!

Hope you like it! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Hello everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Shannon, and I am currently attending art school to major in animation!

I made this blog just for my work. I hope you enjoy it!!!